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Every body now days wants to do business online that is sell clothes or products by face book or some other Ecommerce website.This looks so exciting,getting money sitting at home!A thing of science fantasy in the 80’s.Hey ,I grew up in the 80’s in the days of Pre FaceBook ,WhatsApp, and the internet itself.Well life was cooler,you did meet with friends and family.Those friends were really great and genuine friends.But we are not discussing pros of growing up in the 80’s.

Lets get down to business.

1.Have a plan for your online business.Take a note book and start writing.

In a conventional real world business you would be thinking about investment!

Are you going to invest in buying your goods?

If answer is NO or you dont have the money No problem!

In the physical world you either answer is yes or no.If yes then every thing is smooth otherwise you look for an investor.

So here you look for a drop shipping company.There are many if you search.

concept of DropShipping:

Ok you have not heard of the concept.There was a time I used to avoid this word since I don’t know the meaning.

Say the business man myBiz wants to sell online but does not have anything to invest.

The DropShipping Model is shown above.

How it works:

  1. myBiz puts up a website in wordpress.
  2. Uploads images of products he wants to sell.
  3. Customer orders and myBiz receives the money in PayPal or bank account.
  4. myBiz is selling say product A for $10.Well in reality he does not have a product.He hs an agreement with a dropshipping company:DC.DC has all the inventory and warehousing solutions.myBiz does not worry about a thing.
  5. myBiz pays say $6 to DC.Note myBiz is not spending from his pocket to buy the product!
  6. DC sends the order to the customer.
  7. Customer is happy so is myBiz and DC.

myBiz does not have to worry about:

  • Investment on Products
  • Ware House and inventory
  • Delivery

myBiz concentrates on :

  • SEO
  • Website maintenance
  • Making agreement with drop shipping companies
  • Maintaing myBiz bank account and related documents.

The are some dis advantages on the drop shipping model which is not discussed here in this post ad the post is not about DropShipping.

How to get started:

Get a domain with hosting.

Then here are the steps involved:

  1. Install WordPress
  2. Connect with a Drop Shipping Company.
  3. Setup the payment gateway.You need PayPal or similar solutions.

You have installed wordpress and that is great since it is easy to setup and quickly get started.

But you ought to read previous posts in while installing wordpress.

If you live in US or Europe or any big country there is no problem of getting online resources.

Some options of dropshipping companies are:

  1. Oberlo
  2. need for any domain,hosting or wordpress).
  3. Others..

But this post is if you are living in a country with not much options like Bangladesh.

Next step:

Go no further.Register in and purchase their plugin.

Install wocommerce.

With the plugin you can import products from

The detailed steps are not shown in this post.

The steps are as follows:

  • Get a domain and hosting.
  • Install WordPress .
  • Install Woocommerce plugin
  • Install ali express dropshipping plugin

Then you are ready to start selling,almost that is.

The things you need to keep in mind to sell you need pretty good pictures.When you have a drop shipping company they supply you with the pictures.But in case you have to supply the pictures then you need pretty pictures.To make them pretty you need services of a Graphics Design and image processing company.


What is Multivendor?

This is like you have s shopping mall with many shops.You own the mall.So you get rent from the shops.

This concept is called multivendor in websites using Ecommerce.

While searching for plugins I found Dokan. I initially was very surprised to hear of such great plugin and free but having name Dokan. Dokan in Bengali and Arabic means shop.The perfect name for a plugin for vendors.

Dokan multivendor plugin allows vendors to register in your wordpress site as vendor and can sell independently.

Dokan - Multivendor Marketplace

So what is your profit?

In this multivendor plugin you can use assign comissons on sales or have some sort of agreement where you get a rent.

There are other multivendor plugins but they are for platforms like magento or very expensive.

Iam not discussing exact benefits in tbis post.But did a mental analysis ,in perspective of a business owner ,I would consider Dokan the best on the following:

  1. Cost (They have free version too)
  2. Function wise
  3. WordPress (you dont have much choice for this price.Trust us.)
  4. Woocommerce compatible.

For a complete list of advantages of Dokan Multivendor Plugin click the link.

Free Dokan multivendor Word Press Plugin

Try out first before purchasing.You do not have much good options for WordPress while implementing multivendor.

But if you are an advanced wordpress or internet user ,you do differently.

You compare ,well here is the comparison.

They have Premium options ,once you are satisfied.

Here is Demo for Dokan multivendor plugin ,if you want to try it on their site.

We at TAV present technology and wordpress news as it ,pls rate us.Thanks.

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