Creating Websites with wordpress

The ease and quickness of creating a web site with word press has people developing sites.

WpdetectorThe popularity of word press has about led a total of 72 ,000,000 (72)Million wordpress Wpdetectorsites.Usually now days the owner or somebody close to the owner can operate the wordpress sites.

After installing your wordpress site these are things you need to do.

First you need to take a backup of the site.You can do it by using the cpanel.I prefer using wordpress plugins.


  1. First create a gmail account.
  2. Create gmail account with name similar to your website.
  3. Goto and create an account.
  4. Login to Dropbox using Gmail account.
  5. The wordpress plugin to use is UpdraftPlus.
  6. Install Updraft Plus and get it activate it.
  7. Then connect your Updraft Plus plugin with your drop box account.
  8. In Chrome open gmail account and and keep signed in.
  9. Then from Plugin connect with your Dropbox account.
  10. Once you get a confirmation.
  11. Take a backup of the site.
  12. Then install theme and take another backup.

Test the backup by using restore button.

Once you are satisfied then you can smile,thay you can gave a sound sleep.Trust me I learned the hard way of not backing up the site.

Next goto cpanel and create a ftp account.

But make sure you have a fat note book and in it write Details & passwords for :

  1. Gmail account
  2. Ftp account
  3. Email account
  4. Dropbox.

Store all this info in s notebook or Google Sheets.Trust me you will forget in a month.It is really frustrating not remembering an email password.


You will need security or you will find some kid with nothing better to do than hacking your site.Use :IThemes Security Plugin.

So install,activate this plugin.Before using this plugin take a back of complete site.With the above plugins you are pretty much secure.


Intially if you are looking for starting a site,to test waters or you do not have a good business plan then go for a free themes.Do not think free themes don’t look good or no use.Those days are gone.

Where to find free themes.Even searching takes time.

TechAceVentura’s choice for free theme:

These guys have really pretty themes.Ok they are right .Beautiful too.


This item is supposed to be at the beginning ,even before getting a domain.

Why are you creating this site anyway?

To :

  1. Make business
  2. Just testing
  3. Adding to your portfolio.

Well if your answer is 1.Then read on.You really need to plan your site to make business.

Goto next step.

E.Logo Design.

You need a creative meaningful logo for your business.The design of your logo will depend on the nature of your business.Free’ logos wont work when you have a business model.Trust me I have been through the process.Physcholygy plays s role.

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