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Curiosity killed a cat.

They say that is.Well now days what we see is fiction all around.There was a time I would head to the Video store to rent VHS videos.

I did ask a Video store not for VHS but a CD on Farenheit 911.

Farenheit 9/11

Well they did not have it ,not because store was based in Asia but because it had popular Indian and English movies.Nobody really watched much documentary.

There are times when you get tired of watching same plot movies.Think of the no of movies made world wide.

I some times think where do the directors get the names of the movies and plots.Don’t they run out?

Well there is a site for documentaries called

Curiosity Stream.

Actually I got the name in my linkedin feed.

What caught my eye was :

If Netflix and Stephen Hawking Had a Baby, It Would Be CuriosityStream

Well I thought to check it out since I thought name was Stephen Spielburg.A youtube of horror movies?

Now I know what it meant :

Youtube of thought provoking films .

The linkedin share was by Clint Stincomb,the founder of Curiosity Stream.

Well I actually did not this gentle man,my apologies but Iam sure he is famous for something.

May be they will have an app.

Well we do that.The thing was I was looking for ecommerce companies since we provide photo editing services.

Here is what their documentary looks like

Documentary by Curiosity Stream
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