MediSafe –app for storing medicines

MediSafe is an app for Android for storing medicines and reminder of when to take them.

Remembering names of medicine especially in this modern world can be difficult. On top of this maintaing medicines for a family member can mean responsibility.

This app allows you to assign dependents as well as friends who can help remind you to take medicine.

You can add medicines with their frequency and timings. At those times you will get an alarm on your smart phone which have a message about taking your medicines.

You have option to postpone or Skip.

After adding medicines you can see the list you created.

This is the dose or frequency you have to take the medicine.

Assigning a friend who has a smartphone with MediSafe installed.

He/she can remind you and sync the app details.

This app is very helpful for managing medicine and doses.

Some of the features:

  • Medicine safe
  • Add /modify medicines
  • Assigning dependents
  • Have a friend
  • Keep medical appointments with doctors names
  • Medical test results and metrics


Version available:Android &IOS

Ease of Use

MediSafe App video

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