.NET Framework.

The .NET Platform —an advice.

The .NET platform when it came initially sounded strange.But then I thought that it just an upgrade of what Microsoft already has.I had a look at VB6,VC++,COM.

The thing is boy was I wrong that instead of learning C# in 2002 I learned(by myself in 2008).Then I regretted the time I had spent on searching a job in Java despite the odds against me.If I had started a career in .NET,it would have greatly helped my career.

The thing is dont be egoistic that you are the only programmer who can program in Java or C++.The thing what you find as oppurtunity grab it:Java,C++, very nice.If not PHP,?NET.Thing is I did that followed the advice :grabbed PHP and became a programmer in PHP starting in PHP3.

But Microsoft was like VIsual Basic was interesting.And some what ASP.I was reluctant to learn PHP cause I knew ASP.I learned PHP because of the job I was in.

Though .NET is great I would not advice any body to start programming with Microsoft Platform.It is like starting Arithmetic with a calculator.First learn arithmetic and algebra then comes the calculator.It will be waste of tie ultimately ifyou do not use a calculatorbut that is after you have grapsed the basics of arithmetic and algebra.This is just an example.Here is

an advice to new programmers:

Learn this way:

  • C Learn and practice(2months)
  • C++ Learn and practice(8 months).
  • Java Learn and practice (4 months).

You are kind of ready.The more time spent in C++ the more better.

Then you the newbie programmer is ready to explore the world of programming.

.NET is good choice since it is a RAD tool and is supported by Microsoft.You have to consider this if you are not working for Google or any other company that pays you fat salary.Nobody is going to pay you if you do a task in .NET in half an hour compared to the hours you devote to Java or C++.I am not discouraging to program in these languages,what Iam saying is you also have to see the job market unless you are a free lancer.But just get any programming job and stay there for 3-4 years doing the job.If the job has no programming then don’t stay look for another job.


The most interesting language in .NET is C#.It is mixture of Java,C++ and Visual Basic6,if you ask me.

.NET has lot of libraries already built so it reduces the work load.You have to look at some things:

Sun Java was bought by Oracle.Iam no expert but if you want to do Java programming you have to consider Oracle database.I have used Oracle Database and really good.The only choice for a big stable databse.But you do have to consider the market since Oracle us expensive everybody opts for PHP or .NET.

What to get in .NET?.

Desktop Development.

ASP.NET (making websites).



So you should start with Learning C#.

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