Managing Self Hosted Word Press sites by an App

Android WordPress Manager are hard to get by….


The easiest way to make a website is WordPress or other CMS.I am not going to discuss how to make a website by wordpress here in this post.

Rather how to manage multiple self hosted using an app.It was really hard to find an app to manage wp sites from your tablets or smart phone.

The official version of WordPress app is good for making posts and pages from your android app but cannot control plugins and dashboard.

Well I found this app called Dahatu WordPress Manager.

Note:This app was made in azerbaijan.The website is not working and they have a gmail accoutnt.Website us

The steps are goto as follows:

  • Goto Google Play

Below is link,install the app.

  • Install plugin in your self hosted wordpress dashboard through browser.They do not have this plugin in the wordpress marketplace.Download manually and upload it.

  • Next Activate Plugin.


  • Then goto Dahatu at the side of your WP dashboard.

  • Dahatu API—Clients—-Add new.

  • Add Client ID (chose random string or write any id and note it down.)

  • Add Client secret(as above)

  • The user is chosen(dont touch).

  • Then in your android device.

  • Open Dahatu WordPress Manager:DWPM.

  • Add the above data with additional website url where your wordpress blog is hosted.

  • Add site title(as your choice).

  • Client ID and Password as you gave in your wordpress Dahatu API.(above).

  • The free version only allows 1 site.To buy pls email us.

    There is a catch as the saying goes:”There is no free lunch in the world”.:).
    You can create a post but cannot publish.You need to buy it.But its worth it to buy it.
    There is another alternative but it is web based using browser.

    So your best bet is the official wordpress app.

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