Air Droid

Air Droid.

There are times when you feel great using your Smart Phone or tablet.You are clicking pictures,commenting in Facebook ,Twitter.Nothing is great as a Android Smart Phone.They cost at an affordable range.On top of that all yor PC or nearly is on a smart phone unless you are a techie.Then you need a PC to develop .NET programs using MS Visual Studio.Well they don’t have MS Visual Studio for the android or IOS as yet.Since Yahoo and Yahoo messenger this next great thing.

Suddenly you woke up one morning and all your android smart phone is not working.You have lost access to your files.!

Well you should have thought earlier.

AirDroid lets you back up/make copies of your files remotely without cables..This includes your call logs and phone contacts,files.You can access anywhere there is internet.Now days even the jungles of Amazon and Africa will have free WIFi(natives need internet).


  • Remote Monitor
  • Remote Support
  • Remote Control
  • Transfer files without cables from smart phone.
  • Remote camera

They have both for Personal use and Business.And for Business means you have to pay.Few years ago my smart phone was locked(forgot my password).Then used Airdroid to look up who called.

I would say for personnal use it is really helpful app that is needed for smart phone users.

There are versions for PC and smartphone.You install a PC version and also can control and acess your smart phone from PC.

There are new appsbut TAV team though this app iscool and tested so we thought write our 10 cents on AirDroid.

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