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Magento is a shopping cart framework developed in PHP.There was a time we developed a simple shopping cart using raw php.(PHP3).

Now in 2019,programmers are very lucky in lot of ways.You downlod the Magento software from the internet.Install it and theme.

Very simple right? NO not that simple as wordpress.

Thinking of a shopping cart.

Think no further.If you are really opting for real heavy duty work opt for Magento.

But it is not so rosy ,well “Life is not a bed of roses”.

The question is :if it so good why does not everybody use Magento?

The reason or answer is there is baggage with it.Don’ EVER MAKE MISTAKE OF THINKING MAGENTO IS LIKE WORDPRESS?

Reasons known to the original creator,why they did not make it easy.They could have done that from a developer’s perspective.

Competition or other choices to Magento

Well there are lot of choices :

These are open source and free.(basic versions are).There was a time I tried out all the above.

After Magento I would prefer PrestaShop and then OSCommerce.But you have face book page for selling goods,and cost & ease is a factor.You have never used a shopping cart before,also not so tech savy or programmer savy.

Just opt for :Woocommerce.

I have actually tried all above alternative Shopping carts.

Supposed rating(Ease of use ,looks and functions)

  1. PrestaShop
  2. OsCommerce
  3. Open Cart.

But Magento beats them all.

The baggage of Magento:

Iam talking about the perspective of Developer also the non tech guy.(code looks like Japanese).

Well simply put its like this.If you want do a simple change(Dev perspective) and it takes 2 minutes ib wordpress.Well for new comers to Magento(Soft.Developers) will take at least 15 minutes or more.You get the idea ofbaggage.Its huge framework.Not so much resources available in the internet on Magento as compared to wordpress.Making the Magento Developer costly.

So you need after sales support contract with the company tbat has developed your shopping cart in Magento!

If you are a owner of an ecommerce business,make sure you have an after support sales contract with the developer/company.

Otherwise don’t go for Magento!You will suffer.

As a merchant learning interface of magento is around 3 months.(Less if you arededicated in learning),

For developer I would say months time to learn the magento framework or more.

Founder and Story Magento:

Roy Rubin was a student of UCLA(University of California at Los Angeles).

He was working for OSCommerce and also his company Varien was started around 2004.He gave a Google Adword Advertisement which landed his company ‘s biggest client.I remember I was working with another PHP developer developing shopping cart in PHP3.This was around in 2003.

The name came from the word magenta but the domain was already registered.The name magento had to do with the client investing in Rubin’s alternative solution to OSCommerce.

  • Ebay buys 49% of shares of Magento. 2011
  • Permira bought the company. 2015
  • Adobe buys the company for USD 1.6 billion 2018

Where to find Magento:

You can download from following link:

Magento download link

There few platforms of Magento:

  • Magento Community Edition
  • Magento Enterprise Edition(paid)
  • Magento Go Edition (paid & hosted)

The choice would depend on the size of the ecommerce company or business.

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