JavaScript -The game changer language of the Web

Java Script.

I used to think it is related to Java,back in 2000.Then found out later the differences between Java.

Java did the important stuff like handling Security,making bank software and lot of things that were considered important.Every good programmer wanted to be a Java programmer ,no good programmer wanna be wanted to be Java script Programmer.Java Script never seened like a proper programming language since it could not interact with the database or doi anything in the backend.But time is an important element in the world of IT.Soon things changed.

The entry of Ajax and Jquery sparked interest in programners including myself.The times were like this that an operation button pressed lead you into another page to get result,yes or no.Iam talking about the web,well Javascript is still confined to the web.I remember while developing an online Point of Sale ,about 14 years ago ,in php.The thing was customer gave money for his products,so what would be the change.Simple stuff right .How we did that was say we had our input screen,develiped in php,say p1.php.Aftger giving the input you are redirected to p2.php to see the results.

Well with Ajax,you could see the results in same page p1.php! Wonderful.Well then came,and they changed a lot of things for the Javascript programmer in a positive way.!

We will discuss some of the basics of Java Script


Declaring a variable.Most languages needed a datatype for example in Java

int x;

char a;

depending on the datatype ,the keyword differed.

But in Javascript ,every variable of any type was just var.

var message;

Now you use the let leyword.

let message;

This was several years ago when I was not interested at all in Javascript. But advent of Web 2.0 showed the possibilities of wonderful web pages with cool UI changed my thinking.I have new desire to ,learn Javascript.Hey you don’t have to install any software or any environment like for example Java or C++.

You just need notepad and a browser.But version of browser does matter.Just use Chrome.


There are seven data types in JavaScript.

The good thing is you can go like this
let n=123;//you got number variable.You have to Javascript is dynamically typed” that is at one time be string another moment a number.
For example:

let message=”Good”;


Anyway here in this post we are not going to study the language.

Here are the javascript libraries of JavaScript:

  • VanillaJS

  • Angular JS

  • React

  • Jquery

  • Node

  • ECMA script

Well if you know basic javascript,it will be easy learning the above libraries.

We will discuss basics of Javascript in another post.

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