Starting to learn Programming

Now days programming is very cool and worthy to learn.Lot of young people wants to learn Programming.Some people wants to straight away learn Java or .NET.Then become a great programmer,earning big bucks.

Story sound familiar right?.

In this post I will try to give a guide to become a good’ programmer.

Here are the things you should follow:

  • Have a passion for programming and strong will.Its like you are setting to sail on a boat going from Puerto Rico to New York.But then you see a storm and decide to cancel the trip permanently.If thats the case then do not learn programming ,much easier to with an office job which requires simple computer use.
  • First learn basics of C.You know C is the mother of all languages!(Programming that is ).Trust me I learned the hard way.I learned Java,C++,VB then after 2 years learned C and C++.In this 2 years ,I was confused,did not know how to program except in VB 6.0.
  • Understand the OOP(Object Oriented Programming)concepts well.
  • Learn C and Practice,Practice and Practice.
  • After you can program in C move to C++.By now you know well(at least theoritically OOP conecpts).
  • Learn C++ Well and refer to OOP principles.
  • Practice for next 3 months.
  • Write programs by your self.
  • After you have bulit in confidence in C++ language.You are ready to become a good programmer.
  • Then chose your language ,I had chosen Java.You can choose .NET.But if you ask me learn Java first.(not much to learn regrading basic concepts.Very similar to C++).
  • Then it is matter of practice.But you have to get a hob where you can do work in Java or .NET.
  • All this hard work of learning is of no concrete use unless you work on live projects,or a programming job.

This is a just a guidline.

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