Oracle- The leader in Database

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Oracle ,for me sounded something to do with Greek mythology(Delphi) when I heard of it first.Well the Greeks used to consult the Oracle for some important question in their lives.But today we are talking about Oracle,the database giant in the IT industry.

Lot of Greek mythology is in technology.

For example:

  • Delphi
  • Oracle

Oracle was founded by Larry Ellison,a drop out from University of Chicago in 1977.Inspired by Dr Boyce Codds paper he along with few friends opened Software Development Company which he later renamed to Oracle.Well I thought at first it was to do with Greek Mythology but actually he had worked in a project called Oracle of the CIA.

Oracle happens to be a American multinational company offering Database and software products ,based in California,USA.

Currently worth as 54.2 billion USD,it is still growing.

Oracle is mainly known to people using computers for its database.Bothname of database and the company is same.

Oracle acquired few companies of the years.

Few to mention by products are:

  • SAP
  • Java
  • MySQL

and others.Actually the thing is last two products as developer was using for free and Oracle took them away.That is why it came to my notice other wise it would not have mattered.

The thing to watch Oracle is its database.I have used the well known three databases:

  • MySQL
  • SQL Server
  • Oracle

and I have felt Oracle to be the best in lot of ways,ease in working with programming languages,especially JAVA.

Oracle is known for offering courses in learning database and Developer.

Oracle Certification in Data base is valued and often seen now days as criteria to be selected for a Database Administrator(DBA) position.

Link to Oracle University:

Oracle jobs are highly paid especially DBA.The average for Oracle DBA is US$94,111 per year. Ref:

Oracle Develeoper consists of Oracle Forms which is a RAD tool which quickly can be used to develop meaning ful softwares.

For example :Government Utility uses Oracle for managing its accounts and customers.

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