DataBase-simple overview


Layman’s guide to a database.

A database is a collection of data in particular order.Whether you are keeping that data in your notebook by writing or keeping them in a computer text file or keeping them in a proper commercial database.It still considered a database.

The problem with notebooks database and normal unconventional databases is that you cannot run query.Next question is a query.What is a query?

A query is a question right.Well it is a question.In this case we talk about SQL query.

When your list contains 10 or 100 ,not much of a problem.The problem is when you have say 1 Million customers for your ecommerce site.You certainly have questions about them.

Say you have the old non technological records.Keeping records on paper.Supposed you wanted to find an answer to a question:Which customers are from Texas and they have paid this month?

To find the answer to this question you need a lot of time if you manually search in your notebooks which has all transactions!This why you need a proper computer Database.The time required would be like less than a second.(Iam not discussing exact time taken ).This will save a lot of time and money in spite of spending to buy the licence of database.You can understand everybody who owns huge businesses need a good database. Without databases the whole world of IT be very different and sluggish,The internet as we no it would have been very sluggish!

There are few RDBMS that is used by developers :

  • Oracle
  • Sql Server
  • MySQL

and few others and it will concern you if you are a software developer or otherwise relax and enjoy the scenery.

A database is like a vault or file cabinet.Think of it like a file cabinet which can be connected by wires across countries,cities.Databases are really like a blessing for mankind who uses modern technology unless you belong to the Amazon remote jungles or islands of India.


The history of database started back as civilization(Babylon) where there were books,accounts and other institutions.

  • Computerized databases started in the 1960s.Revolution of all sorts happened around the world.Interesting isnt it:Beatles,Elvis,NAM war ,cultural revolution in West.IBM used SABRE with American Airlines.
  • E.F Codd(whose name I learnt in BNCC) proposes a new model that changed world of Databases as well helped in bringing new applications:Oracle.
  • Two major prototypes were created in 1970s:Ingres at UBC and System R at IBM San Jose,USA.Now you know why US is at the center of the technology world.
  • P.Chen introduces Entity Model in 1976.
  • SQL or Structured Query Language became the standard query language for database in 1980s.RDBMS or Relational database were commercially a success.The introduction of IBM PC and clones (made by Taiwan) brought new database companies and products such as:PARADOX,RBASE 5000,DBASE III,DBASE IV and WATCOM SQL manager.I myself had used DBASE in late 80s as a ninth grade.I really loved it.
  • The 1990’s brought new client tools for application development like:Oracle Developer,Power Builder ,VB.ODBC and other tools for personal productivity like MS Excel and Access were developed.
  • 2000 -The rise of the internet and the world as we knew began to move in fast face technologically.Thanks to the internet.The leading Database companies Microsoft,Oracle and IBM .

This post is very simple introduction to the world of database.

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